Parent Community Groups

Our School is served by 2 bodies:

(a) School Council

Membership for 2018


Shane McCluskey – President

Karen White – Vice President

Vicki D'Amelio - Secretary

Jo Shaw - Treasurer

Principal: Philip Rogers

Jennie Ward

Ron Webb

Chris Phillpot

Karen Nelson

Christine Macklin

Imelda Creamer


The Council sets the school's educational policy under guidelines established by the Minister of Education. Council is also responsible for the school's finances and the maintenance of equipment, grounds and buildings. Meets on the Third Thursday of each month

(b) Parents, Teachers and Citizens Association (PT & CA)

Contact the school for meeting dates. Membership is open to all interested parents, teachers and community members. At PT & CA meetings, members are acquainted with school matters, via the Principal, and discuss items of common concern and of general educational interest.

All interested parents are urged to become members of one of the above bodies.

School Events

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